Dear Patricia (instructor)

I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your wonderful instruction. You’re a gifted teacher and such a giving instructor. Thanks to you, I passed my Cna exam with flying colors. Your patience with students, attention to detail, and your hands-on method of teaching has really inspired me to excel in the health care industry. From the very first day of class, you were so welcoming and warm. Even when the class became repetitive, watching each student, down to the tiny details, you cough every error. You ensured every student an amazingly detail and equal education. Everyone in the class agreed that you made learning all the classes both fun and educational. I looked forward to class every morning and was sad to part ways, but I walked away with so much knowledge and so much encouragement from you and my class mates…..

– Courtney C.


December 2011
Dear instructor CNA Kwik Track,

I knew the day I walked into Cna Kwik Track that i made the right decision to take the course at that facility. The instructor inspired me with her personality, education and knowledge about the course. I could tell right off the back that she knew what she was talking about and how to pass the test. When I started taking the course, I was very nervous, but the instructor made me feel comfortable and confident. I think, she is the best instructor and I am glad I met her. Her passion has inspired me to further my career and I am so grateful that the instructor was so kind and patient with me. I want to tell everyone who is interested in taking a Cna Prep Course that CNA KWIK TRACK is the best choice. The instructor is is thorough and concise about the material is thought. I am so grateful and pleased with their work and help to pass the state exam.

– Sincerely yours, Marilyn G.

One of the best experiences I had is the day when I walked into CNA Kwik Track training school and I was greeted in such a friendly manor. The instructors were very knowledgeable and patient. They didn’t just give me the best training to obtain my Florida state CNA license, they also assisted me in getting a job!

– Jasmine Frederick

I just want to say that CNA Kwik Track is a very good school to attend. The instructor is excellent in her training and she makes sure you understand everything before she goes to the next phase. I passed with a perfect score on my clinical and my written so it was worth every dime I spent for this school. Thank you CNA Kwik Track!

– Fazenda Ingalls

My name is Domenick Mucci and I have currently taken the course at CNA Kwik Track. The training was excellent. I would like to see this facility grow to help others to get their certification. I know with their determination and hard efforts this is possible. Thank you for your help and helping others in studying to become the best CNA they can be, with your teaching styles, time and dedication from the great instructors, and their open agenda I thank you! God Bless.

– Domenick

I most definitely recommend CNA Kwik Track! Both instructors are so wonderful; I am so glad I decided to take their class! They were so thorough on each and every skill while making it easy to understand at the same time. They also made me feel comfortable which helped out a lot. When I needed extra practice they had no problem at all, taking the time to work with me until I felt confident. The class was so successful that I passed every single section of the state exam, both written and clinical. I ended up doing so well I didn’t get any feedback from the RN testing me! I am so thankful to them and their class for helping me succeed the first step to the nursing career I’ve always wanted! Thank you so much CNA KWIK Track!

– Adrienne Cover