Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions for getting a CNA license?
Yes. You must be at least 18 years old. If you are 17 years old, high school diploma is required. There is no maximum age limit.

Do you need a high school diploma?
Only if you are 17 years old. If you are 18 years old or older, high school diploma or GED is not required.

I have challenged the Florida State exam and failed; may I enroll in your class?
Yes. You may enroll in our class if you have taken the test up to 2 times and failed one portion or both (written & clinical test). If you have taken the test 3 times and failed both or one part, you must take a 120 hour course.

Is my license good if I move out of Florida?
No. Each state has a unique certification process. You must contact the Board of Nursing in that state to obtain information regarding their process for certification.

Do you ever have to renew your CNA license?
Yes. Your Florida CNA license is good for 2 years. The Board of Nursing sends out renewal letters to your last known address. It is your responsibility to keep your address current with the Nursing Assistant Registry.
For more information on CNA license renewal, go to

Am I required to have a background check?
Yes. Applicants can use any livescan service provider approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to submit their fingerprints to the Department.

Are there any requirements for renewing my Florida CNA license?
Yes. You must have 12 hours per year of continuing education. In addition to that, you must have worked a minimum of 1 day (for pay) in the capacity of a nursing assistant or its equivalent.

Where do CNAs work?
CNAs work in a variety of healthcare settings in the state of Florida. Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s units, and home health environments, just to name a few.

How much does a CNA make in Central Florida?
Salaries for certified nursing assistants in Florida vary throughout different healthcare settings. There are several variables that influence wages. These variables would include the facility, shift, region, etc. The average pay for CNAs in Central Florida is between $10-12/hour.

Is the fee for the state exam included in CNA Kwik Track tuition?
No. The fee for the state exam is not included in the tuition.

How can I register for the State CNA Exam?
You may get the application form online at The application must be filled out and submitted by fax or mail to prometric, and you may choose a regional test location that is convenient for you. We at CNA Kwik Track are happy to assist you with the application process when you register for your CNA Exam Prep Course. Florida State Exam fees are NOT included in tuition.

Do you offer BLS/CPR classes?
Yes. We offer BLS (American safety & Health Institute certification). Call for date, time and price.

What are the fees for the Florida State Exam?
Test fees $155
FBI screening $80