CNA Training in Orlando

Get “Hands-On” training in the clinical nursing skills the State of Florida requires you to know to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Orlando CNA Classes and Study Guide ONLY $349.00!

Our certified instructors will teach you each step. You will learn the 22 skills required to accurately perform and pass the Florida CNA Test. We provide the manual and training so you can pass the CNA test and begin your working career as a Florida nursing assistant. Pass your CNA test in Orlando by attending our proven Orlando Area Classes for just $349.

  1. Ambulation
  2. Bedpan
  3. Catheter Care
  4. Change An Occupied Bed
  5. Change Of Position
  6. Dressing
  7. Feeding
  8. Foot Care
  9. Hair And Nails Care
  10. Measure And Record Blood Pressure
  11. Measure And Record Contents Of A Urinary Drainage Bag
  12. Measure And Record Pulse And Respirations
  13. Measure And Record Weight
  14. Mouth Care- Brush Teeth
  15. Mouth care- Clean Dentures
  16. Partial Bed Bath
  17. Perineal Care- Female
  18. Range of Motion-Lower
  19. Range of Motion-Upper
  20. Transfer From Bed To Wheelchair
  21. Hand Washing Technique
  22. Indirect Care

We stress the importance of providing privacy, dignity, respect, safety and infection control procedures for each and every skill.