List of CNA Skills

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  1. Indirect care
  2. Hand-washing
  3. Ambulation
  4. Range of motion exercises (shoulder)
  5. Range of motion exercises (elbow, wrist)
  6. Range of motion exercises ( hip, knee, ankle)
  7. Measure and record of pulse
  8. Measure and record of respiration
  9. Urinary drainage recording
  10. Feeding
  11. Mouth care
  12. Mouth care with dentures
  13. Bed Pan
  14. Hand and nail care
  15. Foot care
  16. Transferring to wheel chair
  17. Change of position
  18. Changing an occupied bed
  19. Perineal Care
  20. Catheter care
  21. Partial bed bath
  22. Dressing the resident with a week arm