The Florida board of Nursing allows individuals to take the state exam without enrolling in any training classes.  However, it is strongly recommended to take a hands on training course.  CNA Kwik Track provides hands-on training in all the 22 clinical skills needed to work as CNA.  In addition, these are skills that are important for passing the state exam.   Over the last ten years CNA Kwik Track students have performed exceptionally on the state exam.  The training received at CNA Kwik Track for exceeds any online training videos because it allows students to practice with the tools they would be using while on the job.

A government issued photo ID and social security number is required in order to sign up for the state exam. Level II criminal background check is also required for the Florida state exam.  Please note that a High School Diploma or GED is not required if you are 18 or older.  For those 17 years old and under, high school diploma is required.

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